About Us

When we set out…

for our adventure, all that mattered to us was where we were headed, and who we were headed with. We didn’t know how we were going to do it, or even how hard it would be. But once we got there. Damn, was it worth it. And that’s what we love about getting outdoors! If you find yourself daydreaming of a dirt trail every time a Jeep drives the opposite direction, or capturing the perfect sunset when you see orange and red smeared across your window; if you daydream of the night sky glowing behind the pines, or the smell of a salt breeze blowing up from the sea. . . it’s time to call in sick.

At Pangea, we dreamed..

of a way to take a piece of that feeling and carry it with you every day. That’s what we decided to build into every piece of apparel we slap our leather patch on. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go: taking good company and clothing with you. Pangea wasn’t born in the city, it was born on the mountain.

If you daydream like we do here at Pangea, then it’s time to wake up and shake up the ordinary! Because there is more to what you wear than what you see. We believe it’s all about where you’re headed and who you’re headed with. Life is what happens between the trees, and Pangea keeps us moving